EVENT CIRCUS offers parties, celebrations, concerts and special performances across the various PLAYGROUNDS.

The legendary SLAM MOVIE NIGHT makes a return to PLAYGROUND Bern, pitting local short films against one another to compete for the trophy «Slammie». At the shnit EXPO – ART | DRINK | EAT, where performance art and visuals meet with delicious food served at various stands, visitors can enjoy their last outside-drinks of the year. Taste matters: shorts of “differing quality” also have an event of their own in PLAYGROUND Cape Town, in the aptly named «SHITTY shnit NIGHT». PLAYGROUND Moscow turns up the heat with a PEEPING shnit theme party, while PLAYGROUND San José offers an array of concerts and parties, especially the MADE IN COSTA RICA party in the city’s renowned Hoxton Pub, an event for both young and old.

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