The shnit Expanded Program focuses on interpersonal and intercultural exchange, skills development, networking and of course celebration. This section groups a number of industry events aimed at filmmakers, actors and aficionados who want to learn more about the art of filmmaking in dedicated workshops, panel discussions or lectures.

In Bern shnit offers a cutting-edge short film viewing experience with a Virtual Reality screening in the main railway station of Bern, as well as panels and workshops and industry events, such as EAT & MEET in Bern’s cultural center, where members of the film industry can combine a tasty dinner with networking in our famous shnit circus tent. Visitors of PLAYGROUND Buenos Aires or Bangkok can learn about how film came to be in workshops like «Optical toys for kids: when film was born playing» or in those centered around the topics of writing and editing. PLAYGROUND Cairo’s #talkingSHNIT is a platform that brings together film and media makers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues - to forge coalitions and campaigns beneficial for all these partners. PLAYGROUND Cape Town’s shnit REALTIME Competition returns as well, local filmmakers are invited to shoot, edit and finish a short  film in three days…and once again it promises to be a big success. A little further east, PLAYGROUND Hong Kong hosts a workshop about experimental films, while PLAYGROUND Moscow holds a panel with one of the National Jury members, as well as a meet-the-director-event. And in Central America, PLAYGROUND San José and the University of Costa Rica give the chance to visitors to collectively participate in the making of a short film.

See Playgrounds for more details