shnit is proud to launch shnit TRIBUTE, a broad, collective and inclusive way to get the best of international short filmmaking the recognition it deserves. It represents a natural advancement in the way our festival honors the true pearls of the International Competition.

shnit TRIBUTE is a community of thousands of members that have the honor of selecting the best of the International Competition: they nominate the best three films for each of the three award categories (up to 10, 20 and 40 minutes). The President of shnit TRIBUTE then elects one winner per category. The members’ voting process is carried out within its very own platform and the three films that receive the best ratings become the official nominees.

shnit TRIBUTE consists entirely of members of the film industry, encompassing all kinds of film professionals. The members share a high affinity for the art of short filmmaking, having already written their part of shnit history.

Members from Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, China, Russia and Costa Rica also have the chance to grant a special mention to films that participate in their respective National Competitions, the winners of which are chosen by the various National Juries.

shnit TRIBUTE is an autonomous, independent network that holds a strongly consolidating quality for the festival, through steady communication and exchange within itself. A continuous membership in shnit TRIBUTE ensures an ongoing communication process so far unseen at any other festival. This strengthens our belief that shnit TRIBUTE, together with its deeply dedicated community, is a pillar of our festival.

shnit TRIBUTE decisively helps to confer our defining ideal of internationality, an ideal further reinforced through a vast membership from all corners of the world with a burning passion for short films.

shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival is proud to have launched not only the very first online network of film professionals pertaining to a festival, but one entirely dedicated to short films. We await the next festival edition with great anticipation!


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