The shnit Expanded Program focuses on interpersonal and intercultural exchange, skills development, networking and of course celebration.

The TALENT FOCUS section provides a platform for industry events, panels or workshops for attending national and international filmmakers and guests. These events not only act as an exchange platform for festival participants, but also as a meeting point between industry players and the public, allowing shnit to function as a place of mediation and encounter between professional filmmakers and the enthusiastic audience. 

The EVENT CIRCUS section includes parties, concerts and special performances. shnit takes pride in providing those extra special meeting places for audience and filmmakers during the five festival days and nights. Not to mention that, no matter where in the world you are, shnit throws a hell of a party.


Elements Film Lab

This year sees the inaugural ELEMENTS SHORT FILM LAB, running concurrently to shnit.  

Elements Film Lab is an initiative running concurrently to the shnit Expanded Talent Focus programme for Playground Cape Town in 2015.  Over the festival weekend filmmakers will participate in a series of workshops, discussions, conversations and engagements that will further their paths in creating world-class short films. In 2015 the first Elements Film Lab will be hosted at the historic Cape Town Club on Queen Victoria Street, a short walk from the festival hub at the Labia Theatre - the oldest independent theatre house in Cape Town.


Realtime Film Competition


For the fifth year in a row, three films will be produced over the shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival weekend, premiering at the festival’s closing night once again, but this time to be accompanied by South African Film Orchestra.

For the month of September, shnit ran the Realtime Composer Competition. The competition saw a sizable response from South African composers, with an expert judging panel filtering entries over two days to arrive at three winning scores.  The scores will be performed by the South African Film Orchestra , recorded, mixed and mastered by the Atmosphere Film collective, and each will be given to one of 2015’s Realtime teams as inspiration for their short film.   Congratulations to Shaun Crawford, for his INJUSTICE theme, to Laura Stevens for her REDEMPTION theme and to Greg Abrahams & Andrew Hoole for their RETRIBUTION theme.

The Realtime Competition films will be premiering at shnit’s Closing Awards at the Cape Town Club on Sunday October 11


INJUSTICE: Violation of the rights of others, unjust action or treatment.

RETRIBUTION: Punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.

REDEMPTION:Forgiveness or absolution for past sins or errors and protection from damnation through sacrifice.

The themes are guidelines to help the filmmakers, the stories can be comic, dramatic, action, fun, serious, basically anything. Each filmmaking team is given one of these themes with the corresponding themed score. Creativity is king!

Realtime is made possible by the generous support of our partners Zootee Studios, Sound Surgeon Studios, Searle Street Post Production, Annie’s Wardrobe, Ernst Seegers & Associates and Sitewise.

Team 1

Willem Grobler

Willem Grobler was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He holds an Honours Degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of Cape Town, and currently works as a commercials director. He entered the industry with a bang, winning numerous awards for his thesis short film “Considerately Killing Me (2005).” After spending the next few years honing his craft and working as a video editor, he started his professional directing career in 2011. He has since directed numerous commercial spots, music videos and short films. A branded content film Willem directed for ABSA in 2014 was recently nominated for a Loerie Award. After being selected to participate in the prestigious 2014 Durban Talents Programme, Willem’s debut feature film - “God is Good” - for which he has partnered with Mad Little Badger Producer, Nicki Priem - was green lit for development by South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation in early 2015. “God is Good” will be his directorial debut.

Nicki Priem

Nicki has been in the industry for the last 10 years, working in various positions within the production department. He is a creative and extremely driven producer, writer and photographer, with a love for narrative. He aspires to write and produce his own content. Along with his Sedick Sasman, Nicki is writing the second draft of an action/sci-fi set in future.Nicki is the founder of Mad Little Badger, a prodcuction company operating out of Cape Town, where he produces high-end music videos, branded content and TVCs. With a love for film embedded as early on as five years of age, when watching Spaghetti Westerns his Mom, his obsession for narrative is never far from mind. After producing his first short film earlier in 2015, Nicki teamed up with local writer/director, Willem Grobler, and the pair secured feature-film development funding from the NFVF for the crime/drama, God is good. 

Team 2

Thea Small

24 year old Thea Small  is a two time SAFTA nominee and short film enthusiast. She obtained an Honours degree in Motion Picture Medium at AFDA and ever since then, she has been  attracted to the power and simplicity of the short film medium.  She is committed to telling stories that seek to understand the world we live in and is passionate about writing honest roles for women in the industry. As someone who grew up making up stories to get out of tricky situations, she has chosen to use her powers for good and turned her fibbing into a full time job. Thea is currently employed at Penguin Films as a Development Executive where she writes and develops television series and films. 

Marisha Eygelaar

Marisha is intrigued with all aspects of the filmmaking process,  from the inception of a concept through to getting it on screen. Coming from a creative background,  having studied filmmaking at City Varsity with majors in camerawork and editing, her focus soon shifted to producing as the need to fulfill an all encompassing role arose. She produced a SAFTA nominated student film in her final year of study and is currently the assistant of local film producer, Roberta Durrant. Marisha is particularly interested in stories with elements of social commentary, with a focus on human interaction and relationships.

Team 3

Bongani Vincent

Born in Johannesburg in 1990, Bongani Vincent is a Filmmaker who attended AFDA (The African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance). He has made several short films that have been selected to screen at film festivals locally and around the World. His latest work, ANA, PATRICK AND NICOLAS, was selected as the South African entry in the 2015 Student Academy Awards and won the SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) for best student film. His other short films, WAITING FOR THINGS THAT DIED and WE ONCE WERE BUTTERFLIES, have shown in competition at DIFF (Durban International Film Festival) in 2014.  It screened in National Competition at shnit 2014.



Thursday 1 October - Pepper Club Hotel plays host to some shnit Thursday in collaboration with First Thursday’s Cinema Club


2 - 4 October - For the first time, the pink goes green!  shnit will be showcasing the best short films the world has to offer while also #greeningourscreening at Rocking the Daisies thanks to Sunshine Cinema - a mobile, solar-powered cinema organisation with a strong focus on sustainability and skills development in different communities across South Africa.


Wednesday 7 October - from 10pm onwards at the Castle of Good Hope with live act Mr Cat and the Jackal. Drinks and food will be on sale.


Thursday 8 October - from 10pm onwards at Rafiki’s Bar. The audience will endure the worst short films purposely made for this screening. A shnit referee mediates a booing crowd and once they get loud enough a film is pulled and the next film starts. The film that lasts the longest wins.


Saturday 10 October - at Blah Blah Bar from 10pm onwards. DJs play some shnit!


Sunday 11 October - from 10pm onwards. Downstairs of the Cape Town Club, help us finish off shnit in style.